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windows server 2003 r2 enterprise edition sp2 key ing the reflection APIs to write a tool that lists the types and type members in a managed module is relatively easy. But if inspecting metadata is your goal, you don t have to write a tool because the. NET Framework SDK has one already. Called ILDASM, it uses reflection to reveal the contents of managed executables. Figure 1 1 shows ILDASM displaying ImageView. exe, Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 , one of the sample programs in Chapter 4.

ace in the. NET Framework class library FCL. Each time Calc. aspx is requested, ASP. NET instantiates TextBox, Button, and Label objects and asks each object to render itself into HTML. The HTML returned by the controls is included in the HTTP response. Execute a View Source command while Calc. aspx is displayed in Internet Explorer and you ll see the following HTML html body form name ctl0 method post act. , crosoft s UDDI registry for interesting Web services. A Simple Web Service Client Want to write a client for Calc. asmx Here are the steps Use Wsdl. exe to create a proxy class for Calc. asmx. If you installed Calc. asmx in wwwroot, the proper command is wsdl http localhost calc. asmx Wsdl. exe responds by creating a file named Calculator Web Service. cs. Create a new text file named CalcClient. cs and ent. windows server 2003 r2 enterprise edition sp2 key, tional matches, you can iterate through the remaining matches with Match. NextMatch. If the input string contains or might contain multiple matches and you want to enumerate them all, the Matches method offers a slightly more elegant way of doing it. The following example is functionally equivalent to the one above Regex regex new Regex href s s, RegexOptions. IgnoreCase StreamReader reader new StreamReade.

le class named Bitmap it s in the System. Drawing namespace that encapsulates bitmapped images and understands a wide variety of image file formats. When you create a Bitmap object on a Windows machine, the Bitmap object calls down to the Windows GDI, creates a GDI bitmap, Office Visio Professional 2007 , and stores the GDI bitmap handle in a field. But guess what Until the garbage collector runs and the Bitmap object s Finalize method is. windows server 2003 r2 enterprise edition sp2 key, windows server 2008 r2 standard key trial , veterans of many books and are among the best in the business at what they do. I hate to even think about what this book would look like had it not been for them. Next, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate , a profound thanks to the colleagues whom I pressed into service to read chapters and provide technical feedback Francesco Balena, Jason Clark, John Lam, John Robbins, windows 10 home basic genuine key , Kenn Scribner, and Dave Webster. I m especially indebted to Jeffrey Rich.

windows server 2003 r2 enterprise edition sp2 key ext value public event EventHandler Login void OnLoginButtonClicked Object sender, EventArgs e if Login null UserName. Length 0 Password. Length 0 Login this, new EventArgs Fire Login event script Figure 7 7 Login control with a Login event added. LoginPage3. aspx Register TagPrefix user TagName LoginControl src LoginControl3. ascx html body h1 User Control Demo 3 h1 hr form runat server user LoginControl .

t one writer thread writer new Thread new ThreadStart WriterFunc writer. Start Start 10 reader threads Thread readers new Thread 10 for int i 0 i 10 i readers i new Thread new ThreadStart ReaderFunc readers i. Name i 1. ToString readers i. Start static void ReaderFunc Loop until the writer thread ends for int i 0 writer. IsAlive i int sum 0 Sum the values in the buffer Monitor. Enter buffer try for int k 0. , ompile the CS file into a DLL and place the DLL in a subdirectory named bin in the virtual directory that holds the ASPX file. Place the HTML portion of the Web form everything between the html and html tags in an ASPX file. Include in the ASPX file an Page directive containing an Inherits attribute that identifies the Page derived class in the DLL. That s it that s all there is to it. You get all the bene. server, value pair can be initialized by using the property name as an attribute in the tag that declares the control. Properties can also be accessed from server side scripts. In Calc. aspx, the server side script is the code that appears between the script and script tags. The statements int a Convert. ToInt32 op1. Text int b Convert. ToInt32 op2. Text extract user input from the TextBox controls by reading thei. windows server 2003 r2 enterprise edition sp2 key.

windows server 2003 r2 enterprise edition sp2 key. s purview, it won t terminate at all. Hopefully, windows 10 professional cd key forum , however, cases such as this will be the exception rather than the rule. In practice, windows 7 enterprise license key , windows 7 professional keygen online , calling Abort on a thread that executes only managed code kills the thread quickly. The CLR does everything in its power to terminate an aborted thread cleanly. Sometimes, however, its best isn t good enough. Consider the case of a thread that uses a SqlConnection object to. windows server 2003 r2 enterprise edition sp2 key rve as containers for groups, or collections, of data. Hashtable is one example of a System. Collections type. It implements hash tables, which feature lightning fast lookups. Another example is ArrayList, which represents resizable arrays. The presence of these and other types defined in System. Collections means you can spend more time writing code that makes your application unique and less time writing. server 2003 r2 enterprise edition sp2 key - nnection connection strings can also include File Name parameters targeting Microsoft Data Link UDL files and OLE DB Services parameters enabling and disabling certain features of the underlying unmanaged provider. For example, the following connection string disables connection pooling OleDbConnection conn new OleDbConnection provider sqloledb data source localhost OLE DB Services 2 initial catalog pubs u. windows server 2003 r2 enterprise edition sp2 key, em callback Thread. Sleep 5000 Give the requests a chance to execute static void ProcessRequest object state int n Interlocked. Increment ref count Console. WriteLine n This application counts from 1 to 10 in a console window and uses background threads to do the writing. Rather than launch 10 threads itself, the application submits 10 requests to ThreadPool by calling ThreadPool. QueueUserWorkItem. Then T.

one set of client side script to Internet Explorer and another to Navigator. If the requestor is neither Internet Explorer nor Navigator or is a down level version of either, the control returns no client side script because chances are it won t work anyway. How does NumTextBox adapt its output to the browser type By using the Request object s Browser property, which contains a variety of information about.